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Student Organization Charity Event

In order to encourage altruistic students who are helping at the adoption event,
PCT provides them with a variety of pet food including kibbles, canned foods and treats
Allowing the adoption process to be smoother and easier
And let the animals feel safe and warm ❤️

1. Registration requirements: High school/college organizations or clubs relating to animal services
2. How we can help:
Step 1、Fill out the registration form 1 month before the event
Step 2、Confirm the needed amount of pet food and arriving times
Step 3、Take a photo or video of the event and write a short feedback
(Any posts on social media about the company or the event is welcomed)
Step 4、submit the photo/video and the feedback within two weeks
3. Contact:Perfect Companion Taiwan 魏竹君小姐 (Lucy Wei)
電話: 02-27787877轉29