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Give You A Home

Charity event - I just want to give you a home

What is a home?
To animals, it's a place of warmth, a place with never-ending love

Located in Neihu, Mrs. Zhuo operates a dog shelter
Mrs. Zhuo has been taking care of all the dogs for 28 years
After hearing this heartwarming story,
We can feel the unconditional love she has given to the dogs.

Calling for all citizens
To take a stand with Mrs. Zhuo and help out stray animals
Get a feel all the good deeds Mrs. Zhuo has done ❤️

Please share the video with your friends and family.
Together we can provide for the unfortunate ones ❤️

As of now, Mrs. Zhuo has announced that she will not accept any more donations
However, she welcomes everyone to give her a visit and show her and the dogs some love🐶