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Charity Adoption Event

What defines a home?

What defines a home?
Most would argue it's a place of love, a safe haven 🏠
However, pets and animals are often left out of the picture

Often longing for warmth and a home
Longing for a family who is willing to give it their all
Longing to bring happiness towards others

PCT SmartHeart x DuanDuan Cafe adoption event
〖短短市集 x 心厝愛心聯合活動 〗
🕑Time:February 16th 12:00pm-18:00pm
📍Location:DuanDuan Cafe

This event will hopefully educate the public about DuanDuan's principles and attitudes towards our fellow animal companions by promoting adoption over purchases, giving every animal a chance for a new home.

Please share the event to your friends and family!
Make a difference. Give every pet a permanent home. ❤️